Collection: YAZD

YAZD rugs, cherished treasures of Persian craftsmanship, epitomize the artistry of handmade excellence. These exquisite rugs, meticulously crafted in the ancient city of Yazd, Iran, reflect centuries of tradition and deep cultural heritage. Expert artisans skillfully weave intricate patterns using high-quality wool and vibrant natural dyes, resulting in timeless masterpieces that captivate the senses. Each knot embodies the weaver's dedication, patience, and profound understanding of design. YAZD rugs, known for their durability and exceptional craftsmanship, bear witness to the rich artistic legacy of Persia. Their elegant motifs, delicate details, and harmonious colour palettes make them sought-after heirlooms, cherished for their beauty and significance in both traditional and contemporary settings. A testament to Persian artistry, YAZD rugs inspire awe and admiration, preserving the legacy of a craft passed down through generations.