Collection: OTTOMAN

Discover an extensive assortment of meticulously crafted handmade ottomans, available in a diverse range of sizes and shapes. These exceptional ottomans are skillfully filled with iolite, a lightweight and resilient material, ensuring both portability and sturdiness for a multitude of uses. What sets these ottomans apart is their captivating coverings, made from vintage handmade rugs and kilims. Each piece carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship and bears the unique beauty of its woven patterns and colors. Not only do these coverings add an element of charm to the ottomans, but they also make them durable and resilient. Regardless of their dimensions, these versatile ottomans serve various purposes, functioning as comfortable chairs, stylish tables, convenient steps, and cozy footstools. Transform your living space with these functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces that harmonize traditional artistry with modern functionality.