Our Rugs

Whether you have traditional, classical or a modern interior in your home we have a rug that will suit. Our rugs are very versatile and will enhance your home – see some examples in our Photo Gallery.

Our high quality antique, classic and contemporary rugs are all hand-picked and sourced directly from the country of origin which is why we can offer them for sale at very competitive prices. All our handmade rugs come with a guarantee of authenticity. These exquisite handmade rugs are always made with natural 

fibres, such as wool, silk, or cotton, and can last for generations if cared for properly. There are some wonderful rugs of silk and other delicate wools that are made to be displayed as wall hangings.

Our unique selection has impressed many of our customers. The range includes designs that echo antique rugs – reflecting symbols and stories that are representative of their place of origin and natural vegetable dyes. These can be offered at much more affordable prices than the real antiques.

There is a rug to suit any décor and any room in your home. See our wide range of Persian and oriental carpets including:

  • nomadic carpets such as Baluchi, Tribal Kurdish, Yalameh
  • classic, city-based designs including Shiraz, Isfahan, Qum Tabriz, Kerman and Kashan
  • bold designs from various location from Turkey, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan

And to meet every budget we also offer low-cost modern machine made rugs.

Come in and see us and start your love affair with these exotic rugs.